• Question - What is your fav part of a rainy day?

    • Playing in the puddles
    • Going to take nap
  • Result - What is your fav part of a rainy day?

    • Playing in the puddles (33.33%, 1 Responses, 3 Total)
    • Going to take nap (66.67%, 2 Responses, 3 Total)

  • History of Holidays!

    On May 28, 1969, Pomfret School’s library was moved from a single room in the main school building to the newly created Henry B. du Pont ’16 Library. The foresight in design of the building has withstood the years extremely well and has allowed for adaptation to the new technology of the 21st century. In an attractive, comfortable, and contemporary setting, the library sits at the center of campus and is the primary resource of materials for academic investigation. The principal mission of the library is to foster both the development of skills and a comfort level with library use that can be applied in any library throughout a lifetime of learning.
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  • Holiday Schedule

    Announcing these words
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  • Open House

    WhippleHill Academy's Open House takes place this Sunday from 1:00 to 4:00 pm. Prospective families of children ages 4-17 are encouraged to attend. We look forward to seeing you there!
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Teaching Best Practices

  • Question - Where is the best chicken tenders?

    • Puritan
    • Hot stone pizzaria
    • TGI Friday
    • Buffalo wild wings
  • Result - Where is the best chicken tenders?

    • Puritan (100%, 1 Responses, 1 Total)
    • Hot stone pizzaria (0%, 0 Responses, 1 Total)
    • TGI Friday (0%, 0 Responses, 1 Total)
    • Buffalo wild wings (0%, 0 Responses, 1 Total)

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