Template Information

About the Full Browser Template

Quick-Start templates are a great option for schools interested in launching a site on an accelerated timeline or for schools who are unable to commit resources to a full-scale Web design project. This guide will help you select the template that best fits your school’s brand and online communication goals.

All quick-start templates are built with onMessage’s responsive Web design (RWD) functionality, enabling the school’s site to scale and reposition for optimal display on each user’s device. The general explanation for how this works is that design elements such as photos or main navigation shrink proportionally from the full width of a large desktop monitor to an iPad display. On devices smaller than an iPad, continually shrinking features would render them too small to read or click, so the system switches from scaling to repositioning. 

The repositioning prioritizes elements from top to bottom, left to right, so a full-size design with a logo in the uppermost left corner will feature this graphic at the very top on the phone display. Media query settings in the CSS code are also used to control where items display at various screen sizes. Due in part to these settings, changes to quick-start templates in the design process are limited to logos, colors and fonts, and any requests for structural modifications may incur additional charges.

About the Full Browser Templates

Named after the large imagery that scales to fill the user’s entire browser window, Full Browser is for schools looking to WOW admissions prospects. Great first impressions aren’t had with this template alone, however, as it’s best used by schools with eye-catching photography. A picturesque campus helps, too.

Things to Think About

  • Professional photography is necessary.
  • The viewable area of home page images may vary depending on the user’s device and screen resolution. Photos should have a horizontal orientation, and a significant portion of the image will have the transparent menu area overlapping the top.
  • The design works best with a horizontal logo; a vertical logo will increase the transparent menu area height, thus decreasing the visible photo window.
  • Full Browser is a good choice for schools unsure about home page content as the home page can be displayed with or without the news and events overlays.